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“If Istanbul had been properly preserved, what would it be like today?”

Since our founding in 1994, we’ve always kept this question alive. Friendly, sincere relationships with our neighbors, the importance we give to the aesthetics of our building both inside and out, our careful attention to the interior’s decor, the services and products we present to our customers. All these values that make up our corporate culture have shaped and strengthened our answers to this question for 20 years.

Examining the current cultural identity of Istanbul and elements of the Istanbul lifestyle, bringing to life what is relevant today, and with contemporary interpretation, identifying those that can be transferred on to tomorrow is the essence of our philosophy "Preserve. Reserve. Serve"  which represents the Armada Hotel’s culture today as much as it will in the future.

Our hotel is located at the heart of Istanbul’s famous historic peninsula. On one side you have the Sultanahmet mosque and the Hagia Sofia, both grand monuments of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, and on the other, the Sea of Marmara and the Princes Islands. Our goal and the goal of our staff, who all have an inner passion for Istanbul, has always been to make the seekers of the "authentic Istanbul in Istanbul" happy. We do this by embracing, preserving and bringing to life the values that represent authentic Istanbul lifestyle.

Under the umbrella of Armada Sultanahmet, Armada Pera and Armada Boat, we have always tried to keep Istanbul’s authentic lifestyle alive for Istanbul lovers by preserving the historic and cultural integrity of our surroundings, protecting our environment and the natural world as well as supporting civic enterprise and leadership.

That’s why you’ll find that as you get to know Armada Hotel, you will get to know Istanbul. In turn, as you discover Istanbul, you’ll gain a true understanding of what Armada Hotel is all about.

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